Oh, the Types of Leather Furniture Available Today!

the true leather aficionado will not limit themselves to such meager fair! There is so much more available when it  comes to leather furniture. We’re going to take a quick look at what is out there, but first, why is leather so popular?

In general, leather is great because it is tough leather recliner chairs (think kid friendly), it lasts up to four time longer than fabric upholstery, it looks great, just looking at it makes people think “quality”, it is easy to care for and you can get it in many different colors. Though some die hards believe that natural is the only way to truly enjoy and appreciate leather. It also smells good, and that is not something that can be said of man made fabrics. So, realizing that all of these great qualities applies to all types of leather furniture, lets take a look at some of the leather possibilities for your home.

First, looking at the obvious, there are the leather sofas. You can find full size sofas or two person loveseats. You can get them puffy or with straight lines. Some sofas combine with a recliner so that you get both pieces of furniture in one (called a recliner sofa or recliner loveseat). You can also find leather sofa beds.

Probably one of the most popular pieces of leather furniture is the recliner or chair. A leather recliner is the best place to sit and read to your kids. Besides a regular recliner, you can get a leather reclining chair with a separate ottoman. Other types of leather chairs includes occasional or club chairs, office chairs, leather bar stools and dining chairs.

If you own a leather chair, the next obvious piece of leather furniture is a leather ottoman. After a long day of work, being able to prop your feet up while relaxing in your chair is pure bliss. Especially if you can talk someone into a foot rub, after all, your feet are now in the ideal position!

A combination of the sofa, the chair and the ottoman is the leather chaise lounge. When I was younger, this type of furniture made me think of large hand fans and being fed grapes! When shopping around, chaise lounges are starting to appear more and more, though I personally do not know any one who owns one. But they do appear to be another great reading spot.

The next step up from any of the before mentioned leather furniture, is the sectional. In one large piece of furniture, you can get a couch, a chaise lounge, a recliner and a hide-a-bed! Luckily, these bad boys come in multiple pieces for ease of moving around.

As a society that enjoys its entertainment, more people are installing home theaters. If you have one of these luxuries, then you need leather theater seating. This is a series of two to five seats joined together. Often they are recliners or have a large ottoman. Sometimes they are curved with little tables or drink holders between the seats. I know my kids would love one of these, because three of them always end up laying on the floor when we watch movies as a family.